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Earth's Call to Debut in Aspen

Founded by commercial real estate developer John “Spike” Buckley, Earth’s Call is a new nonprofit organization designed to bring people together and find and fund innovative solutions to the climate crisis. The idea is to solidify strategic partnerships and collaborations that drive awareness, engagement and action and to help mobilize and catalyze a global community of First Responders to take action in their own communities and help answer Earth's Call.

Rooted in Spike’s concern that the majority of people seemed to not understand the severity of climate change and therefore the need to take immediate action, Earth’s Call’s main goal is to empower people (especially youth) to help both sound and answer the call to restore our eco-systems to safe, healthy levels.

Earth's Call is partnering with Lever for Change, an affiliate of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, to help find and fund impactful solutions to the climate crisis. A joint $20 million grant competition will be launched in autumn of 2019 and that will form the first phase of a $50 million commitment to fund bold proposals to combat climate change through Lever for Change.

Aspen was chosen as the venue for inaugural event of the new nonprofit because it is symbolic of the pristine wonders the group is trying to restore, protect and preserve. The event will also walk in the shadows of Aspen’s storied history when it comes to bringing global leaders together to try to figure out solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

The event will consist of a concert that aims to inspire and entertain the local community and visitors with performances from eight Grammy winners and a selection of speakers from around the world, all of which have either long been committed to protecting the environment or demonstrated that they are eager to answer Earth's Call.


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