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2019 Crested Butte Film Festival

100 plus films will be shown at CBFF between September 26 - 29

More than 100 films spanning the genres of narrative, documentary, outdoor adventure, children’s and short films will be screened over the four days of the festival. Additional programming throughout the festival includes talks with filmmakers, panel discussions, "Beyond the Screen" experience and several parties.

Michael Brody, CBFF's co-founder and artistic and programming director, picks his top six films for this year's festival.


The first film by a black female filmmaker (Mati Diop) to ever be in contention for the top awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Ten days later, it wins the "Grand Prize of the Jury" award. It is a scripted, narrative treatment of an issue we've shown many times at CBFF in documentary form, the world-wide plight of refugees. GAY CHORUS DEEP SOUTH

Almost 300 members of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus travel to the South - the region of America with the most repressive LGBTQ laws on the books. For many members, they are going back to their homes, their high schools, their families where the hatred, misunderstanding, and ostracism first took place. One of the most humane and beautiful films ever recorded on film.


This is a film that was literally launched in Crested Butte. The filmmakers, Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, announced for the first time publicly at CBFF '14 that they were writing this film. They came to CB two years later and edited it in a room above The Hostel. Plus it stars Dakota Johnson and Shia LaBeouf. Touted by critics as the “sweetest darn film of the decade" and “a modern day Mark Twain that will melt your heart”, the film has picked up numerous awards. Watch the trailer here. EMANUEL

I don't know where I was on the night of June 17, 2015, when a young white man walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC and shot to death nine black church members in the middle of their Bible study. Maybe I have become numb to it all. Maybe I expect to open up Yahoo and to read of more shootings. Maybe there's an internal clock inside me that expects it to happen every two weeks. What is wrong with us? I learned this from the film: forty percent of all slaves came through Charleston. The greatest thing this film asks is "What is forgiveness?" What is the exact quality of forgiveness? Can we find it in ourselves? Can it soothe us through such a horrible event, and then, just possibly, could we extend it to another? Big. Stuff. IMAGINARY ORDER

My favorite film at Sundance. An LA soccer mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey) has her life unraveling at every turn. Even the 14 year-old neighbor boy is hitting on her. Where this will all stop is a place of dark, comedic genius. TONI MORISSON: THE PIECES I AM

 I am partial to films about writers. Especially one who bucked the white, male monolith at every turn. This American novelist had her books banned in Texas out of fear they would start riots. She spoke out about this country's "original sin" -- the slavery and racism of which America was founded. And she did it all with an exceptional grace and kindness that made her one of the most beloved literary figures of all time. Toni Morisson: Rest in Peace.

CBFF is bringing dozens of filmmakers and actors to town who will be an integral part of the festivities. Confirmed attendees include the sought-after writers and directors of Peanut Butter Falcon, Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz as well as actor Shia LaBeouf. Also attending is Amy Seimetz with two films: as an actress in the Stephen King remake, Pet Sematary; and as a writer, director, and producer of Sun Don't Shine, which has won numerous Best Film awards. Seimetz is also known for her TV roles as Becky Ives in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and Annabel Reade in The Girlfriend Experience. Actress Gillian Jacobs is also coming to Crested Butte with her short film, Curated. She is known for her role of Britta Perry in the TV series, Community, and as Mickey Dobbs in the TV series, Love.

Tickets to CBFF are $15 for individual films, $85 for a six-pack punch card, and passes for the whole four-day event start at $250. Individual tickets can only be purchased in person.

CBFF takes place Sept. 26-29, 2019 in Crested Butte, Colorado 


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