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True Nature Healing Arts Carbondale

Spring is all about renewal and rejuvenation and the best way to get ready for the new season is to spend some time focusing on health and wellness. The holistic approach at True Nature Healing Arts might just be what the yogi ordered

True Nature Healing Arts is in conspicuous to the point where you may not even know it is there at all. An oasis on the fringe of town, owners Eaden and Deva Shantay have created a full blown sanctuary with no expense spared (just check out the bathrooms in the kiva).

Self-care and holistic wellness are at the center of what they do at TNHA, and to that end they offer daily yoga classes, movement and meditation as well as personal growth workshops among other things. They also have a socially conscious gift boutique and an organic café.

At the center of TNHA is the Peace Garden. Created by Eaden and Shantay as a gift to the community, it began life as a functional garden with edible produce and medicinal botanicals for the center’s café and spa but has since evolved into a serene and popular spot for people to come and relax, both mentally and physically. It is a place where visitors can walk the reflexology path and labyrinth and contemplate in the Zen Garden.

At the center of the Peace Garden is the kiva. Opened in the spring of 2018, this subterranean meeting space and spa is the spiritual center of the Peace Garden. Able to accommodate up to 100 guests for retreats, seminars, workshops and classes, the kiva also has state-of-the-art lighting, sound, acoustics and the capability to live stream events.

The spa inside the kiva is modest in terms of size with four treatment rooms, but it is otherwise a giant in the spa world when it come to facilities and overall concept. Along with a full complement of traditional spa offerings, TNHA also offers ancient Ayurvedic therapies.


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