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Review: The North Face CloseFit Glove

The company line

Gore-Tex, long associated with providing a waterproof barrier for all kinds of products, has a new brand line - Gore-Tex Infinium which introduces a new class of materials that offer a wider range of applications.  

The North Face recently debuted a range of gloves using the new technology called CloseFit. CloseFit gloves are, as the name suggests, designed to fit more snugly on the hand. The streamlined fit is in part due to the stretch of the fabric and fewer seams overall. The gloves are offered for both men and women and come in three different options: fleece, soft shell and tricot.

The West of 105 opinion

We recently tried a both men’s and women’s tricot gloves.

The interior is soft and the gloves fit like a second skin, snug but not too tight with a fit that offers more dexterity and a wider range of motion compared to gloves we typically use, which is becoming increasingly important these days thanks to the use of technology during outdoor activities. Of course, what you lose in bulk you also lose in warmth factor.

Bear in mind the new Gore-Tex Infinium label does not indicate that the gloves are waterproof, instead offering a different kind of performance. In the case of these gloves, it is breathability and windproofing, both of which we think the gloves deliver on.

We found that the gloves work perfectly on cool (not freezing cold) days for a variety of activities from running to biking. Even when we started to work up a sweat our hands stayed dry thanks to the breathability of the shell. A few other features include a reflective logo on the top of the hands which offers some nighttime visibility, touch-screen capability in all fingers and a clasp at the wrist to secure the gloves together.

Best use

The CloseFit gloves are perfect for short cycling commutes (the grip on the first two fingers, thumb and inner palm allows for perfect placement on handlebars) during warmer winter days and running, hiking or any other sweat-inducing activity. Due to the lack of insulation and waterproof layer, these gloves are not designed to be worn in very cold temperatures or in wet conditions.


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