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Power to the Parks

Studio Number One has brought Parks Project's mission to life with a simple message to help make sense of a very complicated time - #PowertotheParks

During the recent government shutdown, National Parks faced severe understaffing, harmful trespassing and reckless damage that will impact the parks for years to come. West of 105 has decided to join the movement and spread the word to help reignite the resilience and power of our parklands.

“Following the recent shutdown, it is important that we continue to educate, promote and support our National Parks, as well as ensure they are maintained and protected,” said Keith Eshelman, co-founder of Parks Project. “Through this campaign and partnership with Studio Number One we want to create a movement to defend our parks and raise awareness on how you can help.”

The visual campaign encourages people to share their support for America's National Parks during an especially challenging time after the government shutdown. The campaign includes a free downloadable poster to print out and share on social media. “Power to the Parks” poster is available for free download at ​ and ​


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