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A great fundraiser for a unique local non-profit held every March, Jane-A-Thon is a fun-filled ski and snowboarding event at Winter Park that raises money for Invest in Kids and its mission to ensure the future success of young children and families in Colorado.

For more than two decades, Invest in Kids has had a positive impact on more than 117,000 individuals in all 64 counties in Colorado. At the time of writing, Jane-A-Thon has raised over $128,000 but there is still some way to go if the fundraising goal of $210,000 is to be reached, so consider getting involved and helping them to reach that goal.

The 21st Annual Jane-A-Thon is set for March 6-7, 2020 at Winter Park Resort. Interested in hearing more or registering? Click here.

Invest in Kids has for more than 20 years has been working tirelessly to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable children and families throughout Colorado. Working with local communities, we identify, introduce, implement, and ensure the success of research-based, proven programs. Invest in Kids works with at-risk children and families throughout Colorado to improve pregnancy outcomes and children’s health and development, decrease children’s challenging behaviors, increase their social competence, improve their academic skills, and help parents develop positive parenting practices.

Want to read more about the Invest in Kids organization? Click here.

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