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Haven: Tempter House, Telluride

Perched atop a ridge at 12,200 feet in one of the most spectacular settings in the Rocky Mountains, #Telluride Ski Resort's Tempter House is one of the most unique and highest elevation homes in North America

Spread out over five levels, Tempter House was originally built on an old mining claim overlooking Bear Creek Preserve and Telluride Ski & Golf Resort. Built over the course of four years starting in 1996, Tempter House is secluded to the point where you need a snowmobile to get to it in winter. Guests are escorted to the house by Telluride Ski Patrol who remain on hand throughout your stay.

The house comes with all kinds of facilities you would expect from a luxurious mountain home including a steam shower, a jacuzzi tub and a pool table, but Tempter House is all about the location and the views.

For those who don’t want to leave, and why would you, a personal chef can be requested to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively, Allred’s, located at the top of St. Sophia gondola station, offers good food with unbeatable views. And of course the beautiful and historic town of Telluride isn’t far away. (For more information on dining options in Telluride read our “24 Hours in Telluride” article here.)

Post-dinner, evenings can, and probably should, be spent sitting in front of the log fire or gazing out of the window, especially on nights when the full moon illuminates the snow-shrouded landscape. The morning after, skiers and snowboarders can access the slopes from the property.

Photos: Kris Noel / Telluride Ski Resort


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